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Who we are

Huaian Huafu Special Casting Nylon Co.,ltd, established in 2007, which is located in huai’an city, hometown of first premier of China, zhou en lai is specialized in producing various nylon products including pulley, Slider, Gear, Roller, sleeves, elevator pulley, Rope guide and all kinds of special shaped nylon parts and accessories.

what we do

Huafu mainly produces various cast nylon products including nylon pulleys,nylon rope guide, nylon gear, nylon gasket, nylon bar, nylon slider, nylon roller and various special shaped nylon parts. During over ten years’ development, Huafu have developed into one of those top suppliers of nylon products with over one hundred workers including eighteen engineers and over annual output value of ten million US dollars. 

What we can offer

: Most competitive price

: More quick order delivery

: Mature quality trace system

: Customized nylon products

: 24 hours standby service

professional technical team

The demand of Nylon products increase dramatically As the development of world economy for the recent decades. Nylon products, As irreplaceable material in plastic products club, have been used widely in engineering area for its unique merits.
Nylon pulleys have been used in elevator for its low noise, self-lubrication, protection of wirerope and extending service life of the whole equipment.
Also nylon products are applied in crane as pulley, rope guider to reduce friction and reduce whole weight of machinery, and nylon-applied machines can also be used in port where humid working environment frequently occur.
Tower crane play important role in urban construction, and real estate covers over 10% of global economy. Nylon pulleys are irreplaceable parts in tower crane production process and can bear almost the same capacity compared to metal pulleys.
Compared with metal gasket, nylon gasket has excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, non-magnetic properties, lighter weight. So It is widely used in semiconductor, automobile, aerospace industry, interior decoration and other related fields.
Above all, as time goes on, more and more nylon products will be produced and applied in more areas. For its good merits, nylon parts are gradually replace metal parts. And this is the trend and is also beneficial to environment development. Hoped our customers can contact us, Huafu Nylon`to meet your requirement of nylon product. Together we enlarge our business, establish stable cooperation relationship.